Sunday, 25 January 2015


                                             Gratitude Creating a Kinder Daughter

I hear so many people saying including myself, I want to live in a world where we are kinder to each other, kinder to ourselves, and certainly kinder to the earth and her beings. So why aren't we kind? What stands in the way of us being kind, compassionate? Scientist did a research project with very young children, the scientist dropped I think a pencil or something and was pretending to try and pick it up, really struggling to reach it, and the children would rush over to help the scientist. So we are born kind, the seed of compassion is there. Then what happened? As we develop what happened to kindness?
I think a reason could be that we learn not to feel safe, not to trust and our hearts close, we protect our hearts so we become self-centered. Is it the other people who are not kind, or is it me? I certainly think I am a kind person. What does kindness, compassion look like? When am I not compassionate, kind?
Well, put me in a car with my mother for an hour and....... She repeats something over and over and I can feel irritation build, judgement, unkind thoughts, my heart is closing, I certainly do not feel kind or compassionate. My body tenses, my eyes narrow, my jaw starts to clench, shoulders come up, when I speak it is short sentences and the tone is sharp.
The good news is there is antidote that is working for me, gratitude. When I feel this all arising in me I take a deep, slow breath and say to myself "I am thankful that I have good health", "I am grateful there are practices, training I can do to keep my mind and brain healthy" as I say this to myself, I feel my heart open, soften, my body relax, and I can practice compassion with my mother, practice open, reflective listening and be more compassionate with myself.
What practices, or thoughts do you have on how we can co-create a kinder world? We are in this together and I do like to hear your thoughts because we can and learn so much more when there is a dialogue happening  between us.

Mindfulness Practice

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