Monday, 14 July 2014


How exciting, starting a new Blog, a new beginning. I like that I can always begin again. Screwed up, begin again. I don't have to stay in my old ways, patterns, habits if they don't serve me, others and the world. I can change, grow, science confirms this, I can change my brain...great news. So, I want to think and write about new beginnings, evolving, imagining my future and moving into it. I am in the designing part of a sculpture, it is about shedding old skin, just like a snake sheds its skin, I am shedding my old stories, patterns, habits, a compassionate evolution. I will be kind, caring as I shed, slip ups will be held in deep kindness as I begin again. I am so very fortunate to have a supporting partner and friends that I share my visualizations of my future with, so they too can coach, encourage me with deep kindness and compassion. I look forward to having you, the reader travel with me into the future.


Archan Silvia Knotz said...

My love you are an inspiration!

Susan said...

I found you & your new blog !! Hooray xo Susan