Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Are We Afraid of Happiness?

Are We Afraid of Happiness? I asked Archan at breakfast last Sunday morning, "Do you think that we are a society afraid of happiness?" I love questions, I love asking myself and others questions. As a child I remember being told laughter was NOT appropriate in church, at the dinner table, in the classroom, as an adult in the workplace showing happiness would annoy, irritate some co-workers, at the local grocery store dancing in the aisle would generate frowns from some shoppers. Are we afraid if we act happy; smile, dance, laugh, giggle, sing, however happiness would be expressed that happiness won't last, that we must guard ourselves for something bad that could happen, we have no right to feel/express happiness because others are worse off, that we will not be accepted/belong? At another level is there a feeling that we don't trust, feel safe with each other? If I felt safe, trusted others would I then express joy? If we trusted each other, felt safe with each other would we express happiness, and even another level of question would we feel more happiness if we felt safe, trusted each other? How often do I express happiness, joy, in my day, how do I express happiness?

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