Sunday, 21 September 2014


I hope you are enjoying the first step in practicing lovingkindness, by practicing lovingkindness to yourself.
Now, let's move on to the next step, sending loving-kindness to family member or friend.When you have completed the first step which I wrote in the last blog, you continue by bringing to your mind, imagination a family memeber, or a friend, when you have that person in your mind, again with your hand or both hands on your heart say to this family member or friend

"May you be happy"
"May you be safe"
"May you be healthy and well"
"May you be free from all fear"
 (Or make up your own phrases )

Repeat two more times.

Take 3 deep breaths to really grow and feel these feelings in your body, and then release your hand and let it move forward as if offering to your friend/family member and then let the picture of your friend/family member go.

 Christine Carter , Ph.D wrote in her blog "Loving-kindness meditation does far more than produce momentary good feelings. Over a nine week period, research showed that this type of meditation increased people's experiences of positive emotions. (If you are working on improving your ratio of positive to negative emotions, start with loving-kindness!) The research shows compellingly that it actually puts people on "trajectories of growth," leaving them better able to ward off depression and "become ever more satisfied with life." This is probably because it increases a wide range of those resources that make for a meaningful and successful life, like having an increased sense of purpose, stronger social support, and less illness. Research even shows that loving-kindness meditation "changes the way people approach life" for the better.
I've blogged before about social connections and how important they are for health and happiness. Doing a simple loving-kindness meditation can make us feel less isolated and more connected to those around us: one study showed that a SINGLE SEVEN MINUTE loving-kindness meditation made people feel more connected to and positive about both loved ones and total strangers, and more accepting of themselves. Imagine what a regular practice could do!"

What a wonderful way to end your day with your child, cultivating more loving-kindness in your lives and sending it to others. Love to all.


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